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Raymond Tay

HP-ASTRI Research Centre
Chief Software Architect
I'm a software developer in imperative, functional and parallel paradigms with over 13 years of experience; i like to hang out with happy and positive people.

What i did in the past and present ...

He was invited to present the keynote at Geekcamp Singapore 2014 and he talked about "Distributed Computing for New Bloods" at the School of Computing, NUS to an audience of 400+ attendees.

He has authored two books "OpenCL Parallel Programming Development Cookbook" where he hopes to share with readers his passion on developing parallel applications using OpenCL 2.0 packtpub.com/opencl-parallel-programming-development-cookbook/book and "Developing an Akka edge" where we hope to share with readers the amazing world of building massively distributed systems using Akka http://my.safaribooksonline.com/book/information-technology-and-software-development/9781939902054