Leong Sook Yan

Senior Web Developer
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
all-weather is good-weather. unpredictable and unwanted sometimes. most of the time pleasant, though. I like to think I'm artistically inclined. Why not? After all, I sing a little, dance a little, play some piano, sketch a little.. And still finding my niche in life. I appreciate things. The arts, architecture, people, food, places. I think. Therefore, it's fun. =D Loves, I have plenty. I just don't devote enough time to any of them - I can't have *all* my cake and eat them too =P So I have to choose. Carefully, carefully. I want to travel the world, one country at a time! There's so many things out there to experience, learn and be inspired by~ Would also love to work on projects that are "by the community, for the community" that serves a greater purpose than just raking in money. Also loving lindy hop since I got introduced to it circa 2009.. =D It picks me up at my lowest point and keeps me happy for the rest of the week~